Bacground Story, HM Rhapsody

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Festivals Bacground Story, HM Rhapsody

Post  NPC on Mon Dec 15, 2008 10:50 pm

Harvest Moon: Rhapsody begins as you set off by boat to a new land. While on the sea voyage, your ship encounters a bad storm and is destroyed. You awaken on a nearby, uninhabited island( Rhapsody Island) with a few of the other ship wreak survivors. Instead of traveling on, you all decide to build a new life on the island and hope that more people will join you in time.

When you arrived on the island, you can feel the land was enchanted, and your musical instrument resonance with the nature.
Some harvest sprites came out and told you that, the goddess sealed herself into the Great Tree in order to keep the island prosper, but after hundred of years, the power of the goddess has weaken, and soon she'll disappear into thin air if no one can play the Miracle Song.

Since the Goddess has sealed herself in the great tree years ago, the Sprites have been trying to find the notes needed for the Miracle song. They haven't had any luck and hasn't been very successful either. When you arrive on the farm the Sprites ask for your assistance to find the tones.

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