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Each season the villagers will gather together to celebrate.

days will be marked on your calendar inside your house with a star, and
on the day of the festival you'll see "FESTIVAL" next to the current
Festivals take place at Rhapsody Square and the entrance way is even decorated.

Some of the festivals require you to donate the supplies needed for the
party. On the day before the celebration, toss whatever item is
required into the shipping box in the Square. If you don't put in the
effort then the festival won't take place!

If the festival is
a simple gathering, the event will be over after you have finished
talking with all of the villagers who are attending.

  • Spring 1 - New Years
Everyone gets together at the Square for some happy drinks to bring in the new year.

  • Spring 8 - Egg Festival
This festival is about the mighty egg, and what kind of food dishes can be created with it as an ingredient.

  • Spring 17 - Spring Horse Race
You'll need a well trained horse to win first place and you can only enter a horse in one of the races.

  • Spring 23 - Flower Festival
day before on the 22nd, drop off a flower into the blue shipping box in
Rhapsody Square. The next day the entire area will be filled with
various colored blooms.

  • Spring 28 - Moo moo FestivalS
elect a cow from your farm. If you win you'll earn a musical note.

  • Summer 03 - Beach Festival
Head to Azure Coast to participate in the swimming mini game.

  • Summer 07 - Star Festival
person with the highest affection will greet you in the morning and ask
if you would like to sail a bamboo boat with him/her. If you agree,
meet with the person in Rhapsody Square. The two of you will make a
wish and sail it off down the river. The event ends at midnight.

  • Summer 15 - Firefly Festival
To participate in the festival to honor your ancestors, just head to the Azure Coast

  • Summer 24 - Fireworks
don't have to donate any supplies for this event. Just show up at Azure
Coast before midnight and the villager who likes you the most will
stand with you to watch the fireworks in the sky.

  • Summer 29 - Baabaa Sheep Festival
Select a sheep from your farm to enter into the contest. Your sheep can not be sick and it also has to
have all of her wool intact.

  • Fall 08 - Moon Viewing
marriage candidate with the highest affection will greet you at your
front door in the morning and invite you to watch the moon with him or
her. If you agree, meet in the Square. The two of you will head up to
Starry Hill to watch
the moon, and maybe even get a little kiss.

  • Fall 24 - Harvest Festival

The day before, make sure you put a
crop you've grown inside of the shipping bin in Flower Bud Square. The
next day head to the Square and you'll see the Harvest Festival.
Gourmet will be there to give you a new Musical Notes

  • Fall 30 - Pumpkin Festival

Make sure you've shipped a Pumpkin
to the Square shipbox the day before, then go to the Square on the
30th. If it's the first time you're attending then Spirites will reward
you with a Musical Notes for all of your hard work.

  • Winter 07 - Chicken Festival

Select a chicken from your farm to enter into the judging contest. Then
talk to all of the villagers in attendance in order to start the

  • Winter 12 - Thanksgiving

This isn't a holiday that happens in
the Square, but rather a cake giving day for everyone who lives in the
village. If you have raised a person up to 3 or more hearts, when you
talk to that person he or she might share some cake
with you.

  • Winter 19 - Fire Festival

On the day before, you are required
to place a Stake in the Square box. Don't worry about using one of your
own. Just take a piece of fencing from the neighbors! The next day meet
at the Azure Coast to guard a fire for those who have died at sea. The
person who guards the flames with you will be the bachelor or
bachelorette who has the highest affection towards you, regardless of
your gender.

  • Winter 24 - Starry Night

The marriage candidate with the
highest affection for you will greet you at your front door in the
morning and ask if you would like to go view the stars that evening. If
you do, meet him or her at the Square. The two of you will head up to
Starry Hill to view the heavens. If you have at least 4 hearts with
that person you might get a kiss.

  • Winter 30 - Year End

Send a secret invitation to someone, inviting that person to watch the
new years sunrise with you. The Sprites give you a list of your top 3
marriage candidates and you pick the one you want.
When you're
ready to participate, head to the Square to meet with your date. You
will head off to Starry Hill to contemplate the new year.

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