Pet Land Merchandise

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Pet Land Merchandise

Post  Roger on Wed Dec 17, 2008 4:36 am

! Welcome to Pet Land !

Please Follow the Rules the Admins have set up for us. Please don’t post in the shop unless you are buying something.

Owner- Roger Fedako

*Assistant Manager*- N/A

Employee(s)- N/A

I accept Part Timers or Full Timers.

Every pet, every time you buy gets a Starter Kit, it varies for each pet. Roger gets the pets at very young, he treats them like family and his own children. All the pets get a chance to run wild in a safe location in the store. Stop in anytime!

Pets for Sale~

=-Remember to Check the special Breeds up for sale in the separate Topic “Pet Land’s Specials”.

Dogs: 100 Mana | Puppies: 50 M

Cats: 100 M | Kittens: 50 M

Birds: 80 M

Lizards: 40 M

Snakes: 30 M

Rodents: 40 M

Fish: 20 M

Exotics: 70 M

Pet Supplies-

Dog/Cat Toys- 10 M each

Dog/Cat Beds- 40 M

Dog/Cat Food- 50 M

Rodent/Bird Toys/Cage Accessories- 10 M

Rodent/Bird Cages- 30 M

Rodent/Bird Food- 40 M

Snake/Lizard Tank Accessories- 10 M

Snake/Lizard/Fish Tanks- 40 M

Snake/Lizard Food- 30 M

Fish Tank Accessories- 5 M

Fish Food- 10 M

Exotic Toys/Accessories- 20 M

Exotic Bins- 50 M

Exotic Food- 60 M

*We have special things we can order for your pets, that will come at a cheap price for you. Just come in an Order.*
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