Did I and Combat

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Did I and Combat

Post  Roger on Thu Dec 18, 2008 1:01 am

Combat will happen often, and as a result, we need rules. When it comes to battles to the death, you don't need permission from the person you’re killing, just an admin who isn’t involved in the thread. The Did I system itself is fairly simple; post your request at the bottom of your post (example: Did I injure insertnamehere?). Note that various events could happen, instead of you merely killing him. A shot going wide from its target is not uncommon.
Here are some details you should follow when it comes to a Did I in Combat situations.

• Combat must last for at least two posts for each member involved. We accept that some combat may end in immediate knock-out, or be extremely quick, so you can request a combat like this.
• If someone in a combat thread doesn't post in it for ten days, the other members in the thread can decide the fate of their idle combatant.
• It is fully possible to end up in battle without you really wanting to be there, if you want to get away, a Did I can be used.

However, not always are the Did I's made in a combat connection. When you do missions Did I's are required. They are also required when you're trying to acquire large valuable items that you normally wouldn't get (i.e. a building or a ship) or any amount of Mana. It is preferred that most if not all posts in a mission have a Did I, especially when you're trying to complete the main objective. Minor events are allowed to be controlled fairly by you, but the staffers are watching so stay realistic. The key to RPing on Rhapsody is that when people don't use Did I's they keep their head on straight, use common sense and think about their actions IC.
As far as acquiring items, both big and small, a Did I must be done. A player can’t conveniently decide that particular handy item was there if he intends to keep it. With items the player has no intention to keep a simple identification like that may be done, but not if you want that item to become a part of that characters personal item list. Did I along these lines should sound like "What sort of weapon was the Monster carrying?" or "Does the man have a Knife on him?". No guesswork if you want to keep the item and actually insert it into your items list.

Now with money and Items, some require the Did I and some don’t. A roll of the die and determining the difficulty level for you will determine your success. This goes for Combat also. If none of the fighters post for ten days the staffers with roll a die to see who wins. Combat is turn by turn. Each turn you may taunt, hackle, or intimidate however you please. But remember to role a die to see how much damage was conflicted, if any.
If you have any questions at all, simply PM an admin.

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