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List of Jobs

Post  NPC on Mon Dec 15, 2008 5:29 am

Here is the current list of Job. there would be more to add or changed from this list.

Pet Rancher
description:Those who are loves animals and devoted themselves taking cares of them and breed them.
comments: the pets would be either pokemon/digimon

description:Those who live their live to search for the past.
comments: They will help us(the Admins-NPC) to discover new lands

Bakery Owner(Baker)
description:the owner of the bakery,who provides yummy cakes and stuff to eat anytime.may employ workers
comments: Just normal shop like others

Bar Keeper(Bartender)
description:those who are in charge of the bar whether as the owner ir the bartender
comments: there would be NPC bartender who will provide them clues for new discoveries.

description:those who are specialize on making heavy armors, shield weapons for support.
comments: yea~ blacksmith is needed in any RPG games

description: The wood-work master which have the abilities to transform(work) the wood into buildings and furniture
comments: house expansion, pet houses?

description:the one who help us with maintaining our health
comments: sells medicine & potions

description: a job where basically u do farm,plant the crops and have some livestock as your main livings
comments: part from HM..

The man of seas, this is how people call them. Without fear of oceans
and raging storm, they sail and catch one of the gift of marine
nature.May have his own boat
comments: fishing for living..can be use to help discover underwater city

Flower& Seeds shop owner(Flowerist)
description:The owner of shop selling various flowers and seed.May employ workers.
comments: ....

Inn Keeper
description:The owner of the inn houses, they might employ workers
comments: This is essential isnt it?

description: The Justice believer who ready to help people and solve problems in the city!
comments: sounds useless for me..but who knows?

description:the priest of the church..the wise one

Restaurant owner(Chef)
description:the owner of restaurant who serves foods for those who are hungry.may employ workers
comments: another normal occupation

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