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Post  NPC on Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:49 am

Here is the list of items that you'll get in the mine.
In order to mine, please use the Mining Dice, and then just throw it.
There 's a maximum no a person can mine,
For underage, max is 5
for adults, max 10
for elders, max 7
and cannot be more than that.

Junk Ore 10 Mana
Copper Ore 20 Mana
Silver Ore 40 Mana
Gold Ore 70 Mana
Mythril Ore 100 Mana
Mythic Stone 120 Mana
Orichalc 150 Mana
Adamantite 170 Mana
Moonstone 150 Mana
Sandrose 50 Mana
Pink Diamond 500 Mana
Alexandrite 200 Mana
Diamond 500 Mana
Emerald 200 Mana
Ruby 200 Mana
Topaz 100 Mana
Periot 100 Mana
Fluorite 70 Mana
Agate 100 Mana
Amethyst 150 Mana

Black Grass 10 Mana
Coin 10 Mana
Bronze Coin 20 Mana
Silver Coin 30 Mana
Gold Coin 100 Mana

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