Kage is here yes.

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Kage is here yes.

Post  Kage on Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:28 am

Name: Kage Inairanpu ((im not fluent in japanese, this is basically just different words in japanese mashed together))

Age: 18/20 ((im not sure if i can be an archeologist at 18 years of age...))

Instrument: Electric guitar

Job*: archeologist

Birthday: 13 winter

House*: applying

Store Name*: archeologists dont really have one...

Personallity: sort of creepy and very weird. he uses big words and always seems to be thinking about something else

History: Kage was teased as a child for his bright crimson hair, and the odd fact that his eyes were naturally deep violet. he ignored the taunts as much as he could and got a good education, but one day a very mean bully who's name he vowed to never say again pushed him off a cliff. luckily for him it was not a very high cliff, but he still sustained injuries to his head. when he hit the ground, doctors said that it sent a force through his mental capabilities to skyrocket. he went on to be an archeologist, and here he is now.

Thing You Love The Most: Drawing

Some Things You Like: silence, cold temperatures, friends

Some Things You Dislike: vegetables, hot temperatures, pain

Thing You Hate The Most: Bullies
((this is jonah/ seek. im sorry, but could you delete jonah and seek? i forgot about jonah when i made seek, then i forgot about seek when i made this guy.))


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