Workplace Wonders Is Officialy Open

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Workplace Wonders Is Officialy Open

Post  Ben on Thu Dec 18, 2008 1:59 am

~Add-Ons and Renovations~


Small- 1 Sink, 1 Toilet, 1 Small Tub/Shower = 500G

Medium- 2 Sinks, 1 Toilet, Average Shower/Tub = 1,000G

Large- 3 Sinks, 1 Toilet, Large Tub, Large Shower = 1,550G

Add a Room~


Small = 1,000G

Medium- Includes Lamp = 1,500G

Large – Includes Fan = 2,000


Small = 500G

Medium = 1,000G

Large/Walk-In = 1,500G

Home Theatre = 2,000G

Fire Place:

~Add anywhere inside your house~

Small = 200G

Medium = 500G

Large = 800G

Demolish a Room(s) = 2,000


Pet Building:

Dog/Cat House- 100G

Pet Door Installation- 50G

Pet Luxury- 1000G *Custom for Any of your Pets*

Chicken Coop:

Small- 400G

Medium- 800G

Large- 1000G


Small- 550

Medium- 950

Large- 1500G


Small/Raft- 350G

Medium/Fishing Boat- 1000G

Large- 1500G

Luxury Boat- 2500G

*Dock- 1000G (Comes with Medium Boat)*

Hut or Shack~ 450G

Tree House~ 500G

Tool Shed~ 600G

Storage Shed~ 650G

Green House:
-Non-Temperatured~ 500G
-Temperatured~ 1000G


Living Room~


Leather Sofa = 500G

Fabric Sofa = 450G

Decorative Sofa = 400G

Regular Sofa = 350G


Rocking Chair = 100G

Leather Recliner = 400G

Fabric Recliner = 300G

Leather Chair = 200G

Fabric Chair = 150G

Foot Rests = 50G


Small = 200G

Medium = 250G

Large = 300G

Coffee Table = 450G

End Table = 300G

Home bar:

Bar Counter = 500G

Bar Stools = 200G


Small Black and White TV = 150G

Small Color TV = 200G

Medium Color TV = 250G

Large Color TV = 300G


Theatre Screen - Must buy Home Theatre Add On = 1,000G



Kid’s Two Shelf Dresser = 100G

Three Shelf Dresser = 150G

Four Shelf Dresser = 200G

Five Shelf Dresser = 250G

Chest = 200G

Beds: (Includes Matresses)

Twin Size Bed = 300G

Bunk Beds = 350G

Full Size Bed = 550G

Queen Size Bed = 850G

Canopy Bed = 1,000

King Size Bed = 1,500G

Mattresses = 600G

Bedroom Color TV = 350G


Wall Mirror = 250G

Floor Mirror = 300G

Jewelry Armoire = 150G

TV Stand = 200G

Night Stand = 150G


Installment of a Shower, Tub, or Toilet = 500G

Make Shower/Tub Larger = 400G

Medicine Cabinet With or Without Mirror = 200G

Mirror = 250G

Make Mirror Larger = 100G

Bathroom Cabinets/Racks = 300G

Towel Racks = 50G

Hampers = 15G

Installment of a Sink = 100G

Double/Triple Sink = 100G



Small = 200G

Medium- Comes with Small Freezer = 400G

Large- Comes with Large Freezer = 800G


Small = 50G

Medium = 100G

Large = 150G

Add Counters = 200G

Add Sink = 100G

Make Sink Larger = 50G

Make Stove Larger = 100G

Dining Room~

Small = 200G

Medium = 400G

Large = 800G


Single Chair = 50G

Set of Four = 200G

Set of Six = 400G

Set of Eight = 600G


Garden Fence = 100G

Table = 200G

Chairs = 50G each

Table Umbrella = 50G

Patio = 500G

Patio/Deck Cover = 100G

Deck = 650G

Other Items~

Potted Plants:

Fake Plants

Live Plants


Small = 200G

Medium = 250G

Large = 300G

Pond = 500G

~Will add more Later~

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